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I have been debating about this blog thing for a while. The time has come. Even if no one reads this it will be nice to look back on one day, kinda like the notes I saved from high school. Yes, I still have them and yes, I still have a good chuckle when I read them. In the beginning… there are so many beginnings I could choose. Today I will tell you the tale about the beginning of love. No, not my husband, a good story itself but I’ll save him for another day. I am going to tell you about the single most important phone call I have ever gotten. I was working and I missed the call but I still have the message saved on voice mail from, oh I guess three years ago now.

“Hello, Geanna. This is Daria from Dr. Glassner’s office. I’m calling to let you know we got a positive pregnancy test for you, Congratulations!”

Sweet Daria. She took my blood numerous times at the office. Dr. Glassner  is a fertility specialist and I would go 2 or 3 times a week sometimes to have blood levels checked and/or an ultrasound. Gotta make sure those ovaries are working, you know. Sweet Daria who would apologize when she would stick me even though she was the best vampire there. Sweet, sweet Daria who seemed genuinely disappointed when I was told our issues wouldn’t be a quick fix and seemed just as excited as we were that the Dr. was wrong.

As I mentioned above, Hannah just wasn’t supposed to be. The Clomid was working on the ovaries but I was the 1% that had a side effect that would prevent pregnancy. And, at the risk of my husband killing me, his swimmers were less than Olympic material. They were more like backyard kiddie pool splashers. The combination just wasn’t going to work. They only possibility was IVF or AI. Both Lloyd and I had talked before we started the process. We decided that if those were our only options we would take it as God saying, “This just isn’t what I have planned for you.” Anyone who knows me knows my philosophy of  I may have to go through it but I don’t have to like it. This was one of those times. But true to my word, I took it as a long awaited answer and dealt with it.

That next week I got pms like I never had it before. I was a grouch. I was bloated. And I was miserable. I had one pregnancy test left and honestly? Between you and me I took it so I could see the negative result and have a pity party for myself. So imagine my surprise when the faintest of blue lines showed up. I couldn’t breathe! I dare not breathe because I was afraid it would blow away like dandelion seeds on a windy day. I took the test to Lloyd and barely got out the words, “Look, there’s a line. We’re having a baby.”

2 days later we got the confirmation from sweet Daria.

It was a long 9 months. Besides the normal anticipation I had some bleeding and migraines. I also fell a couple times (pregnancy and clutziness don’t mix well). If it was a girl we were going name her Hannah after a woman in the Bible who also cried out to God for a child and was blessed with a baby. On April 28th, 2009, 22 hours after my water broke, I held my heart in my hands for the first time. She has marked the beginning of so many things in my life. My love for her grows everyday even when she drives me nuts. And yes, she can really push my buttons. Like today when she was crying because I wouldn’t let her play with my wallet but she wouldn’t let me help her find the one I gave her. In the beginning I loved her. Tomorrow, I will love her even more, tantrums and all.

The end.

2. In the Beginning…


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