Be back soon


Hey there loyal readers!

I want to apologize for the recent inconsistent postings. My step-mom has been in the hospital this week and it’s been rough trying to find time to visit her, study and then write so I will be back with more of God’s word soon and until then, I would appreciate your prayers for her 🙂 Pray first and foremost that God uses this to bring himself glory, honor and praise. You can also pray for her physical healing but also for the spiritual strength of our whole family during this time of testing. Pray that God uses this to draw us closer to himself. Thanks so much!


P.S. She gave us quite a reason for concern earlier in the week but she is doing much better now. This was not directly related to the cancer. She had several seizures due to extremely high blood pressure. The BP seems to be staying low now with proper meds and her brain seems to be healing nicely from the seizures.


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